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My Spain (CD)

24 de septiembre de 2018

My Spain – José María Gallardo Del Rey & La Maestranza

It is clear that José María Gallardo Del Rey is a good guitarist; In addition, he is lately traveling ways that distance him from the usual orthodoxy of the classical guitar, perhaps not to resign himself to his own seclusion in a ghetto of purism that is ultimately inconsequential.

We find in this record the restless musician who finds the expression of his art in the border territory that feeds on flamenco touch, with guzzles of Piazzolla and the shadow or perhaps the light that the guitar of his admired Paco De Lucía projects.

With the guitar erected as the protagonist of a small instrumental ensemble, La Maestranza, composed of flute, clarinet, viola, cello and percussion in some pieces, and the guitar duo (performed both by himself) in others, is inspired by the famous Pages of Falla (El Amor Brujo, La Vida Brief, El Sombrero de Tres Picos) and Albéniz (Iberia, Córdoba, Seville) as many times have done some flamenco guitarists, although from a controlled and elegant optic looking without complexes a mark of Spanish that is able to access a broad audience.

In short, a proposal that delves into the Spanish concept of the guitar; different and that is heard with pleasure.


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