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VOCES - Paco Del Pozo & José María Gallardo Del Rey
Friday December 13th, 2019

"Voces" shows on stage the versatility of music that finds in the flamenco inspiration a new way of communicating, bringing together works of the German Baroque, with the maestro Piazzolla, geniuses such as Quintero and León Y Quiroga, and the freshness of some current works . All under the musical direction of José María Gallardo, who offers with his experienced prism a new way of discovering and enjoying such different lines, well taken to the...

Lo Cortés No Quita Lo Gallardo
Friday November 9th, 2018

Program: Del Sacromonte al porvenir (Guajira) Árbol de la bella sombra (Tangos) Jabonero de la china (Bulería) Lorca Suite - José María Gallardo del Rey *Only Miguel Ángel Cortés Adagio flamenco & Aire de la cueva (Adagio y tangos) Bulería del 28 Amargura Silverio, qué flamenco! (Tango/Rumba) * National Critic Award "Flamenco Hoy" for the best guitar record. JOSÉ MARÍA GALLARDO DEL REY, Classical Guitar / MIGUEL ÁNGEL...