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* The intention of the academy is to show the contents in Spanish and English. Due to the rapid production of content, subtitles are sometimes delivered late.

Platform advantages

Membership includes

New weekly content
Every week the contents are expanded. In addition, you can propose video tutorials on those pieces that interest you.
Exclusive interviews
Because music is not just dedicating thousands of hours to study, the knowledge of other Masters from different disciplines will make us grow intellectually and artistically.
Tips for all levels
Solving all those doubts that every guitarist has and would like to ask a professional.
Direct connection with Maestro
Receive comments and answers to your questions from the Maestro, by email, forums or video.
Wide catalog of works
Unlimited access to all content, cataloged as repertoire works, own works, studies, advice, interviews, etc.
Member webinars
Depending on the Master's agenda, webinars will be proposed where more general doubts are answered and recorded.

Frequent questions

What does membership in the Spanish Guitar Academy include?
More than 50 videos of lessons on technique, repertoire and everything related to the guitar.
A growing library of structured courses.
Outlines, workbooks, and PDF sections to guide your learning.
High quality video and sound for greater awareness of detail.
A platform designed for music education.
Library updated weekly with new tutorials, tips, interviews, etc.
Personalized progress tracking and personalized feedback.
Reception of requests to the Master.
Participation in webinars where members' questions will be answered.
How long do memberships last?
We offer 3 levels of memberships: monthly, annual or lifetime. Memberships can be canceled at any time. We do not offer partial refunds on annual or lifetime memberships at this time.
From what level can you be a member?
The contents of the platform are intended for any level, from beginners to professionals. While it is true that the largest number of tutorials are based on intermediate and advanced level repertoire works.
Even so, Maestro Gallardo Del Rey will be creating content for all levels, including those works or studies that are necessary for initiated students.
Are there discounts for students and teachers?
Spanish Guitar Academy offers special discounts to teaching groups such as academies, associations, conservatories, music schools.

For this, it is necessary that you contact us through the following email ( and we will indicate the procedure to follow.

I would like to offer a membership as a gift, how can I do it?
You can send us your request to the email and we will answer you how to proceed.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept the following payment methods:

Credit card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express and JCB) and PayPal.

Is the data transmitted securely?
Your personal data (such as your credit card number or your bank account number) are encrypted before being transferred. Your data is not stored by us and is not visible to third parties. Encryption converts the characters you enter into code that can be safely transmitted over the Internet.
What guarantee does the platform offer?
Spanish Guitar Academy offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for the annual subscription, and 15 days for the monthly subscription. You can cancel your account at any time through the administration portal on our website or by sending an email to

We are committed to providing the best learning experience possible and will work with you to make sure you are satisfied. Contact us with questions, comments or concerns and we will be happy to assist you.

How can I know when there is new content?
Spanish Guitar Academy has as one of its commitments the creation of weekly content.

All members of the academy will receive via email a reminder of the new incorporations and a brief explanation.

Are certifications delivered?
The Spanish Guitar Academy cannot deliver certification on a member since it cannot properly monitor the evolution of their work.
José María Gallardo Del Rey. About Me

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Truly a gem. A treasure for all those who take the guitar seriously and want to create and leave a mark in this life through knowing, interpreting and loving this beautiful instrument. Congratulations!
Giovanni Macías
I have found it fantastic. A practical and very professional approach. Her explanations, clear and to the point. The very accurate video shots ... I loved it. Let's not say the practical advice part. They are very useful and explained with naturalness and closeness, not condescending theorists of the teacher. I have been very interested in the exercises you propose.
Sergio De La Iglesia
This platform opens a new possibility to all those people who, due to various circumstances, cannot access a quality education. Congratulations
Antonio Serrano
I had been looking for a long time to improve my technique and I found this online academy. What I am learning with Maestro Gallardo is priceless. I recommend it 101%.
Maribel Segura
I had followed the maestro Gallardo Del Rey for a long time, and I have participated in some of his Master-classes, but this is at another level, in quality and in content. Thanks, teacher.
Gregorio León Jaén
In my area, I do not have the possibility of finding a teacher who will take me to a higher level, nor do I have the possibility to ask various questions that arise when choosing works for guitar. Something that I have found in this virtual academy. Furthermore, José María is a teacher in every way. Highly recommended.
Sofía Alonso Tapia
Spanish Guitar Academy


The intention of this platform is to help all those professionals and / or students when it comes to addressing the repertoire and what is related to the professional career, both as concert performers and teaching professionals, from the perspective of a professional concert performer and composer. , with special emphasis on the analytical, technical and mechanical study of the works, and always at the service of musicality.

In addition, we help to disseminate the values of Spanish Music, and specifically those of the Spanish Guitar.

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This section provides the opportunity to those people or entities that feel the need to support the activity that José María Gallardo Del Rey and his team carry out with the Spanish Guitar Academy, increasingly covering the wide repertoire of the Spanish Guitar and its dissemination in the World.

To all those who choose this option we will be immensely grateful.


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