José María Gallardo Del Rey & Anna Takeda,

*New recording with the violinist Anna Takeda with an entire program with works by José María Gallardo Del Rey that will be presented at the end of 2018.

During my career I have always kept an open mind when participating with other professionals, regardless of their style, and in all those opportunities a musician comes out reinforced and feeling that he has grown a little more.

Anna Takeda came to me a few years ago, when she wanted to receive private lessons to be able to interpret Spanish music while maintaining her own Spanish style. It was at that moment that I discovered a young violinist, full of energy and passion for music, and with perfect conditions to make her mark in the following years.

Some time later the possibility arose of being able to put on the lectern several of my works composed for Violin and Guitar, and at the same time be recorded in Seville. This idea has become reality thanks to the tenacity that we both have shown in this project. The result has been the recording of several works including my Lorca Suite, Diamantes Para Aranjuez and Pequeño Vals Vienés(Little Viennese Waltz), in the Reserved Sounds facilities, which will soon be released.

We hope you enjoy these pieces as much as we have enjoyed interpreting them.
Thank you.

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