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The Trees Speak

Monday September 24th, 2018

The Trees Speak

The Trees Speak is a work based on the book of the same title of the Californian ecologist Dan Condon. Book that highlights the risk situation of some endangered species.
While I was there for so long I saw, I spoke and I embraced each of those lungs of the planet and they were dictating the music to them dedicated. Each tree is associated, as in many of my works, with different flamenco palos / environments. Thus, the Portola Sycamore moves through bulerías, the Incense Cedar preferred the airs of Alegrías de Cádiz, the Blue Gum Eucalyptus asked me for a Soleá, the Monterrey Cypress for Tangos and the Coastal Redwood for Colombianas.
Professional level.
Recommended for a deep foray into the flamenco style.



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