The study is an art, not a discipline_Gallardo Del Rey_bannerThe study is an art, not a discipline.
In fact, the race only makes sense if you feel passion for studying. The concert lasts what lasts. The studio is your daily company, your private moment where the music and you are alone, with no presence other than consciousness. That is the key: to be at every moment aware of the relationship with your instrument and to be a sound surgeon.

The brain takes for good what you touch even if it is wrong. Analyze each movement, each plane, each element before putting it into practice, otherwise you will have to give the order to “unlearn” and that is the most difficult and costly.
Do not leave anything to chance, always repeat the same passage with the same fingering that you consider the correct, especially with the right hand.

If you notice the great part of information about the notes, it refers to the left hand and not so many to the right. That’s why, without realizing it, you make a different fingering every time because you do not see it written. Think about this.

And to finish for today: studying is one thing and playing is another. Do not repeat the same without control because then you will play less and less badly but never well.

Text of “The Art Of Studying”… Coming soon.

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