Sefarad Premier (by Samuel Ziman)

World premiere of the work Sefarad by composer Samuel Ziman, with the participation of the Real Orquesta Sinfónica De Sevilla, directed by John Axelrod.

It is always a challenge, at the same time as a new illusion, to participate in the birth of a new work. That a composer of the caliber of Samuel Ziman count on you from the first moment, that an institution such as the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville and its director John Axelrod agree to participate in the idea, and that in the end the stars join to make it the premiere of this work in one of the most important spaces for music that Europe has, such as El Maestranza de Sevilla, is something that any musician would like to have in his history. And that has been another of the pleasures that my profession has given me again.

It has been a long work, since when a work of this instrumental importance is born it is necessary to maintain a constant contact between the author, the soloist and the conductor, since there are hundreds of details that have to be polished before going on stage. And fruit of that previous work born personal links that get that communication, both musical and personal, is even more fluid, being in the end a nice way to grow as humans.

The premiere took place on September 14 and 15, in a city like Seville where, at that time, it is usually full of light and people in its streets, wanting to participate in a cultural event of this nature. Also important people in my life were added to the appointment, and several of them came from Mexico, since the composer is Mexican, as well as my great friend/brother Sergio Bross, from whom the main reasons for this work are based.

Always grateful for the warmth of the Maestranza audience that has always treated me with great affection, and all those who have participated in this premiere, leaving magnificent sensations and opening the way for other professionals and public to enjoy Sefarad, recommended work from my point of view.

Thank you.

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