gallardo-del-rey-recording-bw-smallThe concert players are, in some way, elite athletes. So the physical form is essential to overcome years and years of static positions, including the hours we spend traveling. Physical exercise should be part of your day to day. Cardio, muscle toning and stretching are as important as the hours of study, because without this body routine it is easier to injure and / or suffer from low back pain, contractures, tendonitis, etc., intimate enemies of this career.

On the other hand and also in the line of elite athletes, the psycho-emotional coach is equally basic. It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you live what happens to you. Scenic fear, for example, is a blockage produced by your lack of tools to manage your relationship with the public. You feel observed and most injurious, judged and in the center of a target where the darts of your own panic are going to stop. Fear is something that your mind generates but it is completely unreal. It is, to define it in some way, the interest of a debt that does not exist. You have to resort to the security and conviction that conscious study gives you when you prepare a concert-test-test program. There are methods of mind control, such as the Silva Method that will help you create your own reality and know how to dispense with all the burden that your mind accumulates over the years. The mind is something very powerful in the best and in the worst sense. Let me share this parable:
Imagine a carriage carried by horses, in which the coachman is your mind, the carriage your body, the horses your emotions and you are the traveler who communicates to the coachman your objective. To travel well, all three are necessary and if all three are balanced, we are doing well; However, to know the goal of the trip we need the traveler, only he knows where we are going, only he knows the purpose of the trip … He is the one who gives meaning to this trip.
The mind, as a coachman, lashes out at your emotions with what both enter into litigation and get stuck.

When this happens, too often, unfortunately, the door of your true self is closed, that which does not judge, that does not torment you and that is nourished by your inner peace. Always look at yourself from the perspective of the passenger, analyzing your problem from the outside, being the observer. This will put you in connection with your nature as an artist and will not condition you to make wrong decisions.
About judging yourself and condemning you for something that torments you, think about the Roman law code in which in this regard says that “you can not be judge and party.” And you are part.

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