Gallardo Del Rey

about me

José María
Gallardo Del Rey

Training artist and unusual musical knowledge in the world of guitar, he is the most requested soloist and programmed by orchestras around the world.

His training as a classical guitarist has been enriched by his intense relationship with the world of Flamenco. The conjunction of both styles has created a unique way of interpreting and understand Spanish Music.

Musical ambassador of Spain, his presence is required by international orchestras and stages in the most prestigious rooms.

Renowned composer, his works are performed in the most important music festivals, and choreographed by dance names such as María Pagés, Víctor Ullate, Lola Greco, etc.

His discography includes very diverse works in labels such as Deutsche Grammophon, Universal, BMG, Mandala, RTVE, Autor, Almaviva, and Gallardo Del Rey Ediciones.

His master classes in musical interpretation are required by the most prestigious conservatories and universities around the world.